About S-Heart Performance Horses

Paint filly at S-Heart Performance HorsesWelcome to S Heart Country! The hills and prairies of Eastern Montana are home to our family. It is a vast and semi-arid country that builds strong bodies and strong character in people and horses, alike. For 25 years we have raised quarter horses and paint horses, starting with just two good mares. Since then, we have purchased more good mares and stallions and have kept for breeding some that we raised in our own program. Disposition, good minds, trainability, and athleticism are the traits that we emphasize. Our Mares are good mothers and our stallions are level headed and well behaved. The mares live year around in the open.  The stallions and geldings run together, except during breeding season.

The pastures that are home to our horses are a good proving ground for the young colts. They spend the first 6 months learning from their dams how to navigate hills, streams, rocks, mud, snow, ice and other equally treacherous elements in their sometimes challenging environment. They learn to cope with all kinds of weather and temperatures and learn what to avoid and what is safe. This environment significantly contributes to the development of their minds as well as their bodies. Strong bones, sure feet and innate curiosity are all hallmarks of an S Heart Horse!

The last 25 years have been spent developing the bloodlines that have produced what we believe to be some of the toughest, smartest, and most performance oriented quarter horses and paints in the Northern Plains. Our philosophy is that the mare’s pedigree is as important, if not more so, than the stallion’s, and we are proud of the bloodlines that our mares carry.

We are dedicated to producing quality horses with an emphasis on intelligence, disposition, performance and speed.