Our Broodmares

Some of the mares that you will see on this page are for sale. Due to the practice of keeping some of our best filly foals for replacements for our broodmare band and the practice of purchasing fillies and mares that we want to include in the female gene pool, we find ourselves with a growing mare herd. We have decided to keep about twenty mares and are reluctantly placing the remainder for sale. Some of them have been broke to ride, but most of them are broodmares only. All mares that we are placing on this page are well bred with some heavy weight performers in their pedigrees. All of them have good dispositions, as that has been a quality we have always bred for, and all but the maiden mares have produced good foals.

There will be older mares, middle age and younger mares. The “For Sale” mare will be clearly marked and are worth your consideration, if you are in the market for a mare. If they do not have a “For Sale” indication, we are keeping that mare. If you are not in the market for a mare, look through our mares anyway. It will give you a good idea of the type of horse that we raise.


Fancy Roller

1988 Bay Quarter Horse Mare

Fancy RollerFancy is the granddam of one of the exceptional mare lines that we have . Her offspring have earned over $80K in roping events that we know of. She’s the dam of our stallion, Mr.Tardy Roller and we have one of her daughters producing for us now. I wish we had many more. Every foal she ever had was exceptional! We are keeping her and her daughter and son. As one of the elders, she gets just a bit of pampering, and she doesn’t have a foal every year, but she will live out the rest of her life here on the ranch.

Doc Bar
Clarks Doc Bar
Nevada Starlet
Sound Barrier
Silver Barrier
Fine Silver
Camp Town Boy
Frontier Town
Ventura Twist
Miss Reeds Fancy
Reed’s Buck
Miss Reed 74
Miss Reed 9

Ms Skipa Trip

1993 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare

Miss Skipa TripSkipa Trip is the granddam of another of the outstanding mare lines we raised. Her sire, Skips Odell, was the first stallion that we had and her dam, Angel Print was a mare we bought. Unfortunately, we lost her to colic when she was only a few years old. Skipa Trip, like Fancy, has had exceptional foals, and we have kept several of them for breeding. She is pasture exposed to Mr Tardy Roller for a 2011 foal.

Skipa Star
Skipon Star
Skips Galena
Skips Odell
Dino Dell
Roco Sue Odell
Alana Sue
Mr Triple Mark
Triple Print
Satan’s Sue
Angel Print
Silver Haste
Rana Janine
Nickel Serenade


Ms Raging Angel

1994 Granddaughter of Raging Bull

S Heart Mare, Ms Raging AngelAngel is but one more of the foundation mares who has produced fine foals and created a whole line of great mares. We purchased her dam, A Raging Wind. She was a speed bred mare that we bred to Skips Odell, our stallion at the time. All these grand old dams have been the foundation of a line of mares unrelated to the others. She is pasture exposed to our Fritz Command stallion, Mr Tardy Roller, for a 2011 foal. There are additional pictures of Angel and her progeny below the pedigree.

Skipa Star
Skipon Star
Skips Galena
Skips Odell
Dino Dell
Roco Sue Odell
Alana Sue
Real Easy Jet
Raging Bull
Kinda Belle
A Raging Wind
Rickas Royal Man
A Royal Daughter
Dakota Two Eyes
Mr Windy Fritz, 1999


HLC Freckles Lucky

1995 Granddaughter of Colonel Freckles

S Heart Mare, HLC Freckles LuckyWe just purchased Lucky in the Fall of 2009 from Weaver Quarter Horses. Even though she is an older mare, she has a pedigree loaded with outstanding performance genetics and has been one of the Weaver brand’s top producing mares. She foaled this spring and has a beautiful palomino filly, by Gems and Starlight, a son of Grays Starlight. Pictures of the 2010 foals will soon be on the “New Foals ” page. Lucky is bred to Mr Tardy Roller for a 2011 foal.

Jewel’s Leo Bars
Colonel Freckles
Christy Jay
Freckles Gigolo
Lee’s Page Boy
Tuck’s Page Gal
Katy Tuck
Driftwood Ike
Orphan Drift
Orphan Annie C
Spedita Drift
Poco Speedy
Speedy Judy
Judy Sue



Flashy Sugarprint

1995 Mare with Sugar Bars breeding

Flashy Sugarprint is one of the continuing genetic line of the Angel Print-Skips Odell cross. Flashy’s dam, Ms Dellprint, was sold to two ladies who were starting a breeding program. They had purchased a weanling colt of Dellprint’s from us many years ago and showed him extensively in Western Pleasure in the Colorado area. They liked him so well, they inquired about his dam and since she was getting some age on her, we sold her to them. She is living in ‘horse heaven’ in Tennessee and still producing colts. Flashy Sugarprint is just one of the many fine mares we have kept for breeding. Some of them will be for sale on this site, but Flashy will stay home.

Sugar Bars
Flashy Sugar Dad
Leo’s Bay Lady
Almonds Sugar
Up Set L
Almond Eater
Skipon Star
Skips Odell
Roco Sue Ode;;
Ms Dellprint
Triple Print
Angel Print
Rana Janine



A Docs Maudie

1996 Daughter of Fakey Dukas

We purchased this mare from Justin Lawrence because we liked her breeding, conformation and the fact that she was in foal to a son of Freckles Playboy. Everything she has produced has been exceptional. It doesn’t matter what stallion she is bred to, her foals stand out. She was bred to Sir Fred Von Freckle when we purchased her, then was bred to Plastic Playgun, West Texas Holiday, and our own, Smarty 499. She is currently in foal to Western Perks, a speed bred stallion. Her daughter by ‘Fred’, Ms S Heart Maudie, has been in training and is now in foal to Red(TB), the exceptional race horse now in Montana. The colt we got from Plastic Playgun is our junior stallion who we put in training with Pat Mitchell, a reining trainer. We may use him on a few mares in 2010. Unfortunately, we lost the Holiday filly when she was just a foal and the Smarty colt is coming two this summer and will be for sale. I can’t say enough about this mare and obviously we are keeping her.

Two D Two
Two Eyed Joe Fax
Princess Fairfax
Fakey Dukas
Flashy Sugardad
Twista Sugar
Slippery Twist
Doc’s Mahogany
Docs Black Jet
Jake’s Black Jet
Docs Dust Cakes
Leo Maudie
Another Maudie
Zombi’s Mona



Ms Rollin N Cash

1997 Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare

S Heart mare, Ms Rollin N CashThis mare is the only daughter of Fancy Roller that we have. We bred Fancy to Hard Cash Dash, an own son of Dash for Cash, a World Champion running horse many times over, and the result was a beautiful filly that matured into this outstanding mare. Her pedigree has Rocket Wrangler, Azure Te (TB), and Find A Buyer (TB) to add speed to her genetics. This is one of those mares that you just can’t say enough about. Mr Tardy Roller, our young stallion is Rollin N Cash’s half sibling. They share the same dam. Everything she has produced has been exceptional. She has on offspring roping in Helena, Montana now. Her other colts were sold, but we kept her 2008 palomino filly by Smarty 499 here on the ranch. She has a sorrel colt by Smarty 499 this summer and he will be for sale (see the New Foals page). Rollin N Cash is a Dam of Money Earners.

Rocket Wrangler
Dash For Cash
Find a Buyer (TB)
Hard Cash Dash
Azure Te (TB)
Linda Te
Que Linda
Clark’s Doc Bar
Silver Barrier
Fancy Roller
Frontier Town
Miss Reeds Fancy
Miss Reed 74




Ms Esheart Lamour – SOLD

Thank you! Bonnie Lorenzen

1998 Buckskin Quarter Horse Mare

This beautiful mare has always been a consistent producer. The pictures below the pedigree are some of her offspring. She was broke as a three year old and her colts, regardless of the stallion she is bred to, are easy to handle and some are currently competing in Versatility Horse Competitions in Colorado. She has never been bred to any color stallion except sorrel or bay, but four fifths of the time she has put colored colts on the ground. She pasture breeds and foals in the open. She is the sole provider and protector of her foals for 6 months unless they are sold before that age.

She is a consistent producer unless we don’t breed her, as was the case in 2009, so she is not bred for a 2010 colt. If she is not sold this Spring, we will breed her to our junior stallion, Mr Maudigun.

Friendly Fritz
Colonel Leo Fritz
Freckletta Pearl
Freckles Priority
Friendly Fritz
Friendly Command
Jimeny Command
Jacks Skip
Skips Louie Lamour
Wendy Hicks
Ms Twoskip Lamour
Skips Odell
Ms Kip O Doll
Scotty Doll