Stallions at S-Heart Horses

Our stallions and the outside stallions that we breed to have these bloodlines on their papers: Easy Jet, Dash For Cash, Colonel Freckles, Friendly Fritz, Smart Little Lena, Freckles Playboy, and Texas Kicker, just to name a few.

Some of the bloodlines that our mares carry are: Freckles Playboy, Doc O’ Lena, Doc Bar, Camp Town Boy, Skipa Star, Triple Print, Raging Bull, Real Easy Jet, Sugar Bars, Leo Maudie, Azure Te, Friendly Fritz, King Fritz, Partnership, Miss Olene, Paddys Irish Whiskey, Peppy San Badger, Doc O Dynamite, Smart Little Lena, Trona and Doc Quixote, Colonel Freckles, Annies Little Pepper, Grays Starlight, Gems and Starlight, Dash For Cash, Sugar Bars, Doc Tari, Rocket Wrangler, Special Effort, Red (TB), Peppy San Badger and many other greats.


Mr Tardy Roller

2003 Bay AQHA Stallion

Mr Tardy Roller, AQHA Stallion

Mr Tardy Roller has been our primary stallion for five years.  His progeny have exhibited the confirmation, disposition and intelligence that we value so highly in our horses.  His sire is our line-bred Friendly Fritz stallion, Freckles Priority, who is now deceased.  Tardy inherited the exceptional disposition, athleticism, refined head, kind eyes and intelligence from his sire.  The resulting progeny of Tardy crossed on our very good mares have the potential to be roping prospects, cow horses, 4-H and ranch horse prospects and because of their excellent confirmation, should compete well in the show ring.

Tardy’s dam, Fancy Roller (who is now deceased), has been one of the foundation pillars on which we have built our horse program.  She only had 6 foals in her lifetime, —Mr Tardy Roller (our stallion), Ms Rollin N Cash (in our broodmare band), Mr Rollin Freckles (gelding in roping training and for sale), and two other geldings (which are money earners in roping).  We have lost track of one gelding that we sold as a foal.   Needless to say, Fancy put some outstanding foals on the ground.

Tardy traces his bloodlines all the way back to King—-twice—- to whom he bears a striking resemblance.

Friendly Fritz
Colonel Leo Fritz
Freckletta Pearl
Freckles Priority
Friendly Fritz
Friendly Command
Jimeny Command
Clark’s Doc Bar
Silver Barrier
Fancy Roller
Frontier Town
Miss Reeds Fancy
Miss Reed 74


Pedigree Highlights:

Freckles Priority

  • Sire of multiple money earners in regional competitions
  • Sire of multiple money earners in CCQHA Breeders and Sale Futurities
  • Sire of multiple money earners in Roping

Colonel Leo Fritz

  • NCHA money earner

Friendly Fritz

  • AQHA Champion
  • NCHA Certificate of Ability
  • 28 AQHA Halter Points
  • 69 AQHA Performance Points

Fancy Roller

  • Dam of money earners in Roping in excess of $80,000

Clark’s Doc Bar

  • 14 AQHA Performance Points
  • NCHA money earner
  • 1976 Performance Register of Merit




Print It Hot

2007 Sorrel Stallion

Print It Hot is the next great AQHA stallion from a long line of speed and cow bred stallions. His foundation breeding begins with the legendary Go Man Go AAAT. The grand sire of Print It Hot was Go Benny Go who was an All American finalist. Go Benny Go sired in his first five foal crops 85 race starters, 73 point race point earners, 55 ROM, 21 AAAT and AAA and 51 winners in 127 races.

2012 August - Print It Hot

The sire of Print It Hot was the impressive AQHA stallion Hot On My Heels. Hot On My Heels has been crowned with such titles as Montana Breeders Horse of the Year and Montana Quarter Horse High Point Race Stallion. He won 10 of 16 races, placed in all 16 races and his career was highlighted by several derby wins including the Charlie Russell Derby. Hot On My Heels ran consistent 104 SI races throughout his career.

Print It Hot’s dam, Ms Skipa Trip, is one of the best AQHA mares ever produced on the S Heart Quarter Horse Ranch in the heart of eastern Montana. She has been a consistent breeder and was chosen to be Print It Hot’s dam because of her excellent conformation and athletic ability.

Standing 15.2 Print It Hot is a big boned stallion combined with a heavy muscled quarter horse conformation. He has extensive race background on the top side of his pedigree and a cow horse foundation on the bottom. Print It Hot is where speed and cow sense collide to produce that superior performance horse.

Print It Hot’s first limited foal crop hit the ground in the Spring of 2012 resulting in three beautiful fillies. They are currently in Helena with Tom and Kim Cohn. Inquiries should be directed to them at 406-431-5818. He’s been bred to more than 10 mares for each of the following years and we are very impressed with his colts.

We are very pleased to welcome Print It Hot to our horse breeding program. His speed performance bloodlines are a good complement to our cow horse bred mares.

Parties interested in breeding to Print It Hot should contact Tom & Kim Cohn at 406-437-1612. We will be breeding to a very limited number of outside mares. If you are going to Print It, you had better make it HOT!!


Go Man Go
Go Benny Go
Ruby Charge
Hot On My Heels
Rockets Raider
Print Rockette
Miss Lola Lee
Skips Odell
Roco Sue Odell
Ms Skipa Trip
Triple Print
Angel Print
Rana Janine

The AQHA mares bred to Print It Hot for 2013 foals are:

Ms Raging Angel
Ms Casas Concho
Ms Rollin N Cash
Sterling Tinkerbell
Ms Esheart Frosty
Ms Esheart Sugardust
Ms S Heart Pam
Te Tri Codys Flirt
Ms S Heart Playgun
Ms S Heart Playgirl
Ms S Heart Gunfrost
M S Heart Fancy Pep
Ms S Heart Concho
Ms S Heart Fancy Doc


The APHA mares bred to Print It Hot for 2013 foals are:

Ms Azure Cash
Ms Esheart Diamond
Ms Streakin Jody

All of the pedigrees can be found at and you can get more information on the mares by calling us at 406-557-2766.

Print It Hot and Kaden Print It Hot, a speed bred stallion